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Dear patient,

A professional team provide to you all possibilities around the back according to the most modern aspects of medicine.

Our focus is on an exact diagnosis and the preparation of a treatment plan, which first includes all non-surgical therapies, such as targeted physiotherapy, optimized pain therapy, ergonomic design of the workplace, and a healthy lifestyle for your spine.

However, if all conservative methods are failed, I will treat you with the most modern surgical techniques, mainly minimally invasive, using endoscopic, microsurgical and percutaneous techniques. The aim of this operations are to provide to you the highest possible quality of life through the smallest possible intervention.

If you are not living in the Rhein/Main area, you can contact us quickly via the Internet.

Also I would like to give you a second opinion, if you are facing with an  difficult therapy decision, or if you are looking for a second intervention after failed back surgery.

Best regards

Dr. Nils Diethelm Haberland, MD